Several contact lists + more user friendly.

Sophie Karlbom
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I would really need the possibility to create several contact-lists (for people) instead of just one big with different custom fields. We have a big amount of data and right now we find it easier to sort it in different spreadsheets/contactlists regarding the category of the customer. 

I'm also looking for an easier way to search in the contact list and how to transform contacts into deals. It's not at all that user friendly atm. 


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    You may be able to leverage filtered views to achieve what you need.

    Create some pre-defined filters, and share them accordingly with the right team.

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Sophie Karlbom !

    I would follow @Boris Tsibelman 's suggestion of using filters (that you can then share or keep private) to sort through your contact list. 

    You can also control who sees whose contacts by changing the Visibility settings for Regular users.

    As for creating deals from contacts, all you need to do is is click  "Add new Deal" from the contact's detail view.



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