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Matt Dempsey
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It would be helpful and much appreciated if eventually Pipedrive users would be able to create tables within the body of their emails. Even being able to retain the table format when copy and pasting from Word or Excel would be great!

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  • Inês Batata
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    Thank you for your suggestion, @Matt Dempsey !

    At the moment we have no news about this, as priorities and resource allocations for development have to be distributed and unfortunately not everything can be built or at least built in the near future. That being said, we appreciate your input and use it to give our teams thinking points to be considered in the future.

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  • Admin_14893
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    Would be very helpful for us as well!

  • Patrick Morgan
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    Completely agree. Please add the ability to add nicely formatted tables to emails.

  • Erik Pannekoek_35267
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    Checked in on this discussion... Would be great

  • Dean Tavener
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    I'd just like to bump this. Tables in emails would be helpful. I notice we can even put tables in comments here, but not in emails to our clients!

    Desired OutcomeIdeal timeframe
    Tables in emails within Pipedrive email editor!Soon please! :) 
  • Jamel Deane
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    Hi, is there an update for this request as yet?

  • MC
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    Any update on this @Inês Batata / @Manuel Oliveira? I am evaluating / implementing Pipedrive and the owner of the business is resisting using Pipedrive for emails because he wants / requires tables in the sales-related emails he sends (currently out of Outlook).

  • Sophie
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    Hi @MC,

    Unfortunately, we do not have an update on this feature request at this time and it is not on our roadmap at the moment, however, this feedback has been forwarded to our product team to review internally! Thank you!

  • MC
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    Thank you for the update @Sophie (even though it was disappointing news). I appreciate the reply! 🙏

  • Travis Sixel
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    Being able to insert tables would allow my team to use your product directly for email communication. Currently, they prefer using Outlook because of this missing feature.

  • MC
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    @Travis Sixel a potential workaround while we're waiting for the basic feature to be released... if it's a basic / small table, you can create a blank table in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it into a Pipedrive email. You can't then do anything to the table (e.g. change column widths) once it's in the Pipedrive email, other than enter text into it, so there's a bit of trial and error changing the column widths in Word, and then repeating the copy and paste process until you get it right.

    Caution though... don't use this method if it's a large or overly-formatted table because the paste from Word will bring in lots of code (not visible on-screen) that bloats out the file size of the Pipedrive email template, and then randomly Pipedrive starts cutting off the end of the email because it's too large in file size. This was a super frustrating mystery for us to solve with Pipedrive support team.

    @Sophie I hope the Pipedrive product team is listening to all the inconvenience Pipedrive's lack of this feature is causing users! 🤞