Anybody else having issues with Webhooks today? They're not triggering.


  • Vladimir Dubakin
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    Hey, @Nathan Weill !

    Our apologies for the delay with Webhooks - we noticed a delay on API requests round the same time due to a spike in request amount.

    It took around 30minutes for the servers to get back to normal, hope it started working well for you too.

    Kind regards,


  • Inês Batata
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    hi @Nathan Weill , we're sorry about this inconvenience and are happy that all is back in shape.

    For urgent or technical issues like this one, Support is always the most adequate and quickest channel of communication, as Community is more focused on exchanging knowledge, experiences and ideas. How can I contact Pipedrive Support?

    You can also check our live status page and subscribe for live updates there. Thank you!