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Would be awesome if I could export a list of our Pipedrive Users. Seems like its possible to export CRM data but not internal data like the users from our company who actually log in to the tool. I want to add all those users to another tool that I'm keeping in sync with PD but only option is to copy from the screen on the Manage Users page.

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    Hi @Malcolm Shearer 

    Thanks for sharing, passing it along to our team. Some of our users also use the SSO login feature so you can keep your list of users outside of Pipedrive basically and use this to also login to other tools via SSO.

  • Felix Brumme
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    I would also like to push this topic again. 

    We usually have between 60 and 90 accounts in Pipedrive. Due to new employees, employees who leave or just change departments, this number fluctuates again and again. 

    However, since you only see the mail address in Pipedrive, managing these accounts is a real nightmare. There are two ways to improve the organization.

    1. an export of the mail addresses: So that you can match the data with your own database. 

    2. a note field: with this you could write the department behind each mail address and you wouldn't have to search it out from another system every time. 

    Please give us additional tools to manage the accounts in PD, what is available now is unfortunately not enough. 

  • @Malcolm Shearer and @Felix Brumme - You can get this by running a quick automation using Make/Integromat.

    Please contact me if you'd like my help with this.


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  • Felix Brumme
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    @Amit Sarda - Pipedrive Consultant - AmitSarda.xyz

    Thank you for proposing an alternative. However, considering our budget management we can not depend of an additional third party tool we are currently not using soley for the purpose of user management. We believe this feature should easily and comfortably be offered directly by Pipedrive. 

    We strongly encourage you to evaluate developing the feature yourselves.