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Steven Allen_20420
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Hello all. When i send an email from within pipedrive. When the email is received by the recipeint, the email display name is "steven.allen" instead of being "Steven Allen". Can I change that anywhere?



  • Rob Purcell_20476
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    I have this same issue.  Start a chat with the service team and they can add a nickname to your account so that it will show your name.  At least, that is what I hope will happen.  I just sent my request.

  • Diana_221
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    Hello Steven and Rob!
    ​This is Diana from Pipedrive Support Management Team - nice to meet you :)

    I am confident our support team is able to help you. Please reach out through chat out through email at [email protected]

  • Brian Primes
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    Can you post the solution pipedrive?