Email fields Bug in Deals

As shown in the video, why are all my Person fields blank if I try to sent an Email to the Organization linked to the Deal and not to the Person. 

How can this be not fixed?!

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  • Vladimir Dubakin
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    Hey, Adrian!

    Thank you for reaching out!

    You see, built in email address field is a person type of field. 

    You can only add email as a custom field to organisation, which means that Pipedrive cannot understand which organisation/deal an email should be linked to, and thus, cannot fill "fields" in.


    Hope that makes sense, but If not entirely - please contact our support on [email protected] or reach out using in-app chat!

    Have a fantastic day meanwhile.

    Kind regards,


  • Adrian_16263
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    Hello Vladimir, 

    thank you for your fast response! Okay do you see any possibility to fix this problem? Any Workaround? Our Problem is that we need on one hand information from 2 diffrent personens while sending an emails. We are a company that connects diffrent People as a service. 

    Thank you