Expanded cards in Pipeline view

Hi all, 

It would be really useful to be able to expand the cards in the Pipeline view to include other information when viewing the Pipeline. For example, seeing start date and expected close date in the Pipeline view would be really useful, as well as being able to display other information about the deal if chosen (e.g. custom fields)

Currently the only way to do this is to drill down into the deal itself or to look at the list view. Both of which are viable but add a lot of time and the list view is not as useful as the Pipeline view. 

I've raised this with support but would be great to hear if this is being worked on?

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  • Johan Lagerstam
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    This would be really useful. There are more people at our company that ask for this feature.

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Great suggestion @Alex Micallef I'll pass this on to our pipeline team!

  • Ryan818
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    This would be incredibly powerful! At the very least seeing Next Activity and Expected Closed Date on the card would give immediate context to where the deals at.