Manufacturer Reps or 3rd Party Sales Reps

I need some urgent help please. How do others deal with Manufacturer Reps or 3rd party reps, linking them to crospects. 

I would like to display linked companies (leads) to a contact, in addition to the company that the contact is working for.  "John Smith" works for Acme Company (his organization). John is also my 3rd party rep or manufacturer rep for several external companies (prospects). 

I have "3rd party rep", type person, as an organization custom field. 

I can add/assign John Smith (who is already a contact in Pipedrive), in this custom field to a specific prospect company.  This all works and I can see John Smith's name in one of the fields associated with the prospect company. But what I cant see on John Smith's profile is all the prospect companies I have linked him to.

I can do this in list views, but would prefer to add a custom section to a contact see additional fields such as linked companies. 

Any ideas?


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    Hi @Daniel Steyn 

    Unfortunately you can't create this section right now. A filter on the list view would be your best option for now. However, I understand your struggle, I'll pass it on to our team!