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I'd like to see as many data fields available for mapping and integrating as possible. For instance, webforms newest update opened up more available data, like Expected Close Date. That was a big one for me since I was using a custom field to capture the event dates then add that date to the Expected Close Date. With webforms I can now capture the expected close date creating less work and less room for error. Making this change means going through all of my workflows, automations and templates, making the adjustments, not to mention updating my SOP with the minor details. So, after much of the footwork was completed, I went to update my email templates only to learn that Expected Close Date will not map!!! What? Why? 

So the customer service team did a great job in the customer service side of things but I was told to use a workaround...I already was using a workaround, and I was informed there is nothing on the horizon for adding Expected Close Date to the field mapping for email templates. I also do not appreciate being spoken too like a robot. I want to speak with real people who totally understand my position. Lip service does not change my predicament. 

Fellow users, please respond and like my message so Pipedrive will take notice of it and perhaps do something about it. In fact, can't they just make all fields available across the platform so I can find new and interesting ways to take advantage of such a robust CRM?! 



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    Hey, Robert!

    Vladimir from Pipedrive management is here.

    My apologies for feeling that our support was a bit robotic - will talk to the agent who you were having a conversation with and am sure that you can get already a better service now if you open a new conversation!

    Thank you for the feedback in regards to that.

    "I went to update my email templates only to learn that Expected Close Date will not map" - as far as I can see email templates do support Expected closing time to be added as a placeholder to email body:

    So, if you mean that once you add that "field" - it does not get auto-filled when you send an email - make sure that a contact person you are sending email to  has a deal linked. Or, you can send emails from Deal Details view f.e./


    In workflow automations you can also add expected closing date as placeholder:

    This way you can program automation to send email and after that change expected closing date to the same date as in another custom Date type field:


    In regards having support of all fields in all Pipedrive sections - one thing that makes Pipedrive special is that all teh services are running separately from one another. Which makes it consistent in performance (one malfunctioning service will not affect other ones). But that also means that each service (such as Webform or Automations or Sales assistance) is created and tweaked separately. And there are quite some limitations also because all the fields have to send information via API in the expected format.

    All in all what I am trying to say - it is a great suggestion and we are trying hard to include more fields to be supported by features, as you also noticed in the new web forms, but have to operate within all the limitations, thus, the implementation is gradual.

    Feel free to get back to us via in-app chat if something is not clear in this message (and we can carry on the discussion there).

    Apart from that, I hope you have a great day and a great weekend ahead,

    Thank you for the feedback again,

    Kind regards,