Report on # of organizations in each stage


My team has been loving the insights feature. We'd love to be able to show on our dashboard:

Y axis: # of organizations  (segmented by organization)
X axis: Stage of deal

The reason for this is we often have multiple deals per organization and our account managers KPIs are around the stage of an organization.

Let me know if anyone has any good idea on how to do this! 

Thank you!


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  • If you have multiple deals per organization, it is all the more reason for you to see the number of deals by each stage.

    The inability to report on # organizations per pipeline stage is more of a KPI design issue than a technical feasibility/implementation issue in Pipedrive.

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    Hi @Andrew Foote thanks for sharing. I'm passing it on to our team. You can also already use the list view to filter for organizations with deals in a specific stage, export them and run a report in excel.