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Dear Pipedrivers!

We are working with PandaDoc in connection with Pipedrive - as I am sure many of you are, too.

I recently noticed there is a way to directly implement PandaDoc into Pipedrive, but we are missing some key automation tools we currently having using Zapier as an intermediate between PandaDoc and Pipedrive.

We really need some tools to automate the various contracts (according to custom data fields in Pipedrive), fill them according to info from Pipedrive and send them to the contacts E-Mail, preferably by just clicking on a new phase in the Pipeline.

With some manual work within Zapier this is possible, but not if you are using the direct implementation of PandaDoc, which is a shame.

So please try to implement more automation tools for the PandaDoc-Integration and we will happily migrate over to that solution.




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    Hi @Justus Lubahn 

    Thanks for sharing the feedback. The PandaDoc marketplace app is developed by PandaDoc. In this case it's best to pass the suggestion on to them so they can make some updates.