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Hello, I made in Contact "required field", but it doesn't work. When I'm trying to make a new Lead, where I need to fill as well information about the Person/Contact, so it lets me go without writing down the "required fields". Thank you for your answer.

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Admin_Tribiti 

    Currently the required fields are not working for our leads section yet. I'm passing on your suggestion to our team for potential future updates.

  • DaveF_GDNP
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    Leads not having the required field working, leaves the door wide open for our data integrity to be compromised. We also have required fields to attach a person to an organization and required fields for organizations that are not being filled in because of this loop hole.

    Thank you for your attention to this issue.

  • Pablo Gurrutxaga
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    Hi Mike,

    Is there any news on this issue, has it started to be addressed or has it not yet been considered as a potential upgrade?

  • NDL Industries
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    Adding a vote to this. We'd like to be able to designate required fields that are required at the Lead level, not just at the Deal level to help with data integrity.

    We have a "Lead Source" custom field to track how many leads we get from various events and promotions and having this be required when entering a lead would be very valuable to us.

  • DWTX
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    We were considering a professional plan upgrade but this issue is a deal breaker.