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Hi - we are thinking of moving to Pipedrive and currently use MailChimp.  We send around 15k emails each month to our existing database.  Is there a way we can use Pipedrive to send this many emails out and report just like we currently do in Mailchimp - rather than connecting the two?  Does Pipedrive allow this amount via group emailing or similar?  Thank you in advance.



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    Hi @Rachel 

    Pipedrive CRM itself can do it for you but is not an email marketing tool in the core. However, earlier this year we acquired a company called Mailigen which is now part of the Pipedrive family. Their business is email marketing. I'd suggest to reach out to our support team via the in-app chat or [email protected] to ask more details and also check out the Mailigen website and reach out to the support there.

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    We built Target Robot - Sync with Sales to sync contacts, companies, deals, and marketing campaigns between SalesCRMs and Mailchimp.  You can find it here in the Pipedrive marketplace. We were unable to do everything on a single platform, so that is why we built this integration.

    We might need to know more about what you specifically are trying to accomplish to be certain it is possible.

    Please let us know if you would like a demo or to just chat about it.



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