Hit "Enter" to save and close activities, save notes, etc... or "Command/Control Enter"

I hate moving my mouse, and I work in activities alot. This would really reduce my frustration. Just saving and closing quickly so i can move on with my life!

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  • Robert Dylina
    Robert Dylina Posts: 4
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    Need this!

  • Anton Nitzsche
    Anton Nitzsche Posts: 1
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    Enter is not ideal since it interferes with the ability to enter to a new line when making notes etc., but it would be great with command/control Enter!!! I always use that feature in slack and certainly lack it in pipedrive

  • Daniel Axelbaum
    Daniel Axelbaum Posts: 31
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    This would be great!


  • James Harper
    James Harper Posts: 2
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    Ditto, please bring in this feature! It would save me valuable time because I need to get through 100 activities a day sometimes. 

  • Stefanie_89766
    Stefanie_89766 Posts: 1
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    I work with a mouse and I would wish for a single click on the button to "save" and a double-click do "save and close" a window. Also, when I add data to a contact person, a central button to "save all changes" at the end of the window would be helpful, instead I have to save all individual changes, which takes a lot of time. Thank you! 

  • ivov
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    +1 . Have been using Superhuman for email for a while now. Going to Pipedrive almost feel like going back 10yrs in time..