Is this a small Bug?

Fernando Avanzini
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Hello, just wondering if this is a bug or I did something wrong somewhere.

I created an automation that when a deal is won it automatically moves the deal to the next stage. I look for that deal and the top graph shows it is in that new stage, but it shows "0 days" even after weeks of being in that stage. I when I place my mouse over it, a tooltip shows telling me that deal has not reach that stage yet.

Hope you can help me solve this issue.



  • Clarissa Silvino
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    Hello Fernando, this is Clarissa from the Support Management team.

    Thank you for bringing this up to our attention, but I've never heard about this behaviour and it does looks weird per what you described.

    Could you be so kind as to reach out to our Support team so that we can investigate this properly? Thank you!

  • Mike van der Valk
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    @Fernando Avanzini just tagging you here to make sure you see the answer of @Clarissa Silvino 

  • Patrick_4021
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    Hi @Fernando Avanzini I think the time in each phase is just tracked until the Deal is marked as won according to the idea that a Deal is marked as won at the end of the Pipeline. That is what I recognized. 

    I think it would be great if possible to track the days in a phase even if the "won" status hapens in the middle of the pipeline...


    BR Patrick

  • Niels Holswilder
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    We have the same problem.

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