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Is anyone in Australia using SMS from withing Pipedrive?  Thank you


  • Hossein Mohsenian_8278
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    Hi Brad

    Have you found the answer yet? We've been looking at, smsmode and Twilio. However we've not finalised our investigation. Please do advise if you have concluded one?

  • vijay_dev
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    Try Two-way SMS, WhatsApp from Pipedrive through Twilio, you can try this marketplace app by Ulgebra

    has conversations view to view all the customer messages in one place.

    contacts sync

    adds note inside contact for new messages

    ability to send bulk messages from pipedrive with templates.

  • Edie Mew
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    Hi, I am looking into a phone solution where I need the following requirements:

    SMS / Call Logging against Deal & Contact

    Detect existing contact / number in Pipedrive when receiving inbound call

    Send SMS / Make Calls via Pipedrive Mobile App - without the need to use a 3rd party app at same time

    SMS & Call Analytics

    Has anyone found this solution, I am aware of apps that use other apps to help log call / sms within a CRM but ideally the main priority is for the field/sales team to be able to click to call/sms within Pipedrive mobile app