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Workflow Automations fire tasks out of order.

Bobby Welch
Bobby Welch Posts: 13
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When I build workflow automation with more than one task, you would think that the system would fire off the first task first... then continue in sequence until all steps are showing in a planned activity, in the order that the workflow automation designated.  In Pipedrive, that is not the case and even more baffling is staff telling me it's operating as designed.  

Does anyone know how to build an automation that will create more than one task in a specific order?  All need to be done on the same day.

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  • Niels Holswilder
    Niels Holswilder Posts: 10
    edited December 2020 #2

    I'm not really sure whether the solutions will do the job the way you want since all my automations have activities with different due dates. But would adding a time to them perhaps force them in the correct order? This time would then perhaps be fictitious since it may not correspond with the actual due time of the different activities but at least you would be able to sort them based on time. Another suggestion to try would be adding numbers in front of the activity name so you can sort based on them.

    Hopefully this helps.

  • Rich Preston
    Rich Preston Posts: 5
    Second Anniversary Photogenic
    edited January 2021 #3

    I set a time on my automations to make sure they are created in order.

    Action 1 (Due time is 1:01AM)

    Action 2 (Due time is 1:02AM)

    Action 3 (Due time is 1:03AM)

    and so forth