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sorry I'm a bit lost with the new reporting layout, so I would be more than happy if someone here could help out? 

I need to create a report that shows me the sold products of won deals split up by products and their variations for a particular period in the future. How can this be st up? 

I need this for a forecast. So for example I sell 3 different products with 3 different variations each. Now I like to see how many products of which variations I have already sold for Q1 2021, so I can make a forecast for procurement. 

Thank you very much for your help! 



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    Hi @Pierre Becher ! Hope this helps:

    • Start creating a new report and choose Deal -> Performance
    • Add filter: Won time is This year (apply also other filters is needed (Pipeline, Owner...))
    • Choose Number of product or Product value in Measure by dropdown
    • Choose Won time in View by dropdown
    • Choose Product in Segment by dropdown