Related People Similar to Related Organizations

Since there is a current limitation of not having one person able to be associated to more than one organization, is it possible to implement something like the related organization field so that we can at least associate people to orgs in more flexible ways? 

I created a custom field to do this at the org level, but it does not associate both ways. having a related people field implemented like related orgs would at least provide that ability.

And, I'm still hoping that you revisit the decision not to allow a person on more than one org.



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  • Jörgen Sjöstrand_231
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    The ability to have a person connected to multiple companies.

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Mark Daniels thanks for sharing, I'll make sure your suggestions reaches our team. For now indeed a custom field would be the best workaround but as you said, not ideal unfortunately.