Looking for an expert to complete an implementation project

Matt Pliszka
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Hi Pipedrivers 🙌

We're looking for an Expert/Consultant to run the Pipedrive implementation project for a production company here in Poland:


  • Discovery/preparing CRM specification
  • Uploading the data including deduplication
  • Email automation
  • Integration with intranet
  • Marketing reporting
  • Forecast and estimating sales targets
  • Sales and marketing teams' activity analytics
  • Configuring security and access
  • Team training (10-15 people)
  • Managing sales leads
  • Registering activities by the sales team
  • Segmenting/targeting/grouping leads
  • Alerts, notifications, follow-ups
  • Automatic data fill in through proper extensions
  • Integrating with mailing (Gmail, Outlook)

Budget: $5k - $25k, depending on the degree of realized scope, timing, and experience. Polish speaker is preferable but not required.

Are any experts available to support? We're currently running numerous Pipedrive projects with selected experts from EU / US and it would be great to work with new ones and see you join the project.