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I think it would be very useful to have automation id added to Deal's change log for the actions that are done by the automation.

Multiple times I encountered this problem where automation doesn't work how it should (some due to my mistakes, some due to Pipedrive errors) but it is very hard to find where it is, because you don't see who did what. I have multiple automations that are triggered in a chain (one does a change, then triggers antoher and so on) and it these cases it is very time consuming to find mistakes, because you dont know what change was made by user, what was made by automation and which.


And since all automations have their unique IDs, it would be very nice to see something like this:

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    @Robo Thank you for the suggestion!

    I sounds like a good idea - I will propose that to the product manager.

    For now - Support has great knowledge of the automations and can track if any specific ones were triggered!

    Feel free to reach out either via in-app chat or by sending email to [email protected] and our experts will help with finding any issues with automations.

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