Pipedrive flickering, not stable in browser

Torsten Lütten
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Hi there, when starting P in Firefox usually it opens right away, with menue on the top, from left to right.

Now with new docking station it only flickers for half a second, shows meue on left side, from top to bottom, then goes out and start same thing in a loop. No chance to click anything. 

Restarts I made.

Working w/o new docking station I tried.

Everything working well, but not P.

My colleagues have no issues with P, so it´s not our license, I figure.

Any ideas, anyone?




  • Clarissa Silvino
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    Hey @Torsten Lütten , thank you for reaching, this is Clarissa from Support Department team.

    I'm sorry you're experiencing this, but have you contacted our Support team? it can be done via email support@pipedrive.com and I'd advice you to do it, because some tests will need to be done. This seems to be related to the new navigation we're putting in place and the browser you're using, however I can't say for sure as we'll need more informations. 

    Thank you once more!