Adding deal detail fields to Insights report table column options

We're really loving the ability to publish the insights dashboard to our broader team who may not have PipeDrive access, but they've given some feedback that the tables showing deals don't have any description of the work. We've added a custom 'Description' deal detail field, so could we add custom detail fields to the insights report column options?

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Thanks for sharing @Kameron Baumgardner I'd like to pass on your suggestion to the team. But... could you please share a screenshot of where you thought this should come or how you had it in mind?

  • Kameron Baumgardner
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    Thanks @Mike van der Valk,

    So in the first image here, we've added a few custom fields to our deals. However in the insights report in the second screen, we can't add those fields to our tables as a column. So seeing these custom fields as an option in this 'choose columns' component and then seeing the data in tables would be the desired functionality.



  • Seda
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    Hi @Kameron Baumgardner ! Thank you for provided feedback!

    Unfortunately text custom field type are not yet supported in Insights. But no worries, we are planning to add those  to the table options :)

  • Has the new feature of adding a custom field to Insights be released yet?