Delete tasks when deal lost

Grace Brown
Grace Brown Member Posts: 1

Is there a setting to automatically delete tasks in a deal when it's marked as lost? 

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  • John Williams_23765
    John Williams_23765 Member Posts: 8
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    You can delete activities and attached entities.

    Or you can try external automation



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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Currently this is unfortunately not possible in our build-in workflow automation @Grace Brown I'll pass on your suggestion and added the "Feedback" tag to your post. As @John Williams suggests an automation with for example Zapier can probably do this.

  • Nancy Vamvakas
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    We use automations to create a series of activities (up to a dozen) associated with a new deal (activities created on deal creation) 

    If the deal is closed (say because we can't complete the deal .. eg  no stock/discontinued line) then an automation to delete currently open activities associated with the deal would be a real help