Calculate "Non-Subscription Churn" in Pipedrive?

Nirmal Gyanwali
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We are a web design agency and most of the work we do are non-subscription based services (one-off projects). 

Is there a way to calculate the "non-subscription churn" rate in PipeDrive? 

Are you getting this data in any other ways?

I know PipeDrive has got churn rate calculations for subscription products but I am trying to combine the data for both subscription and non-subscription products.  

For example, we acquired 100 new clients this year and 20 of them are on subscriptions which is easy to calculate the churn rate in PD. But for the other 80 clients, I want to see how many of them have been ordering new products and who was not ordered anything after the first order to define as a churn.

Let us know if any of you have any ideas to workaround.