Conditional logic for display of custom fields in Deal detail.

Jazmin Poyser
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I have spoken with Pipedrive support and this doesn't exist/isn't possible, but placing it here as a feature request. 

The use case is:  

  • We use Label field for our Organisations, to categorise the type of organisation eg. Lender, Customer, Consultant.  We also have plenty of custom fields. Certain custom fields may relate to one particular type of organisation.
  • We would like to be able to control what fields show/display in the Deal detail view (left hand panel) based on conditions.   Eg. the organisation has the label Lender, so show the custom fields in the detail view that relate to Lender.  NOT ALL the custom fields all the time.

Having all the custom fields all the time, can make it busy and sometimes confusing - seeing more than is necessary for a particular case.

By having the ability for conditional logic to display/hide fields in the Deal detail would be very useful to display particular fields at particular stages of a pipeline as well. More so, useful to HIDE until necessary later on in the pipeline.   We don't find the 'duplication' of using the 'important' fields to be useful.

If you would like more examples or need the above to be explained better / in more detail let me know.

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