eSignature - how good is this feature?

Hi Pipedrivers!

I wanted to share my feedback and of course our customer expectation on this feature. 

  1. Feedback : This eSignature feature is native to Pipedrive, has decline option for customer, has access to Pipedrive fields and of course quickly can be done via salesperson. Audit trail is available too.
  2. Customer expectation : Can we integrate this signature button via an API to an external file (i.e. ORDER NOW button in a powerpoint)? Can we provide more fonts/signature format for customers?

Item 2 mentioned above is GOOD ENOUGH to convince our company to go from ADVANCED to PROFESSIONAL. Hence the flexibility in this feature could encourage more customers to upgrade their Pipedrive package. 

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Email me at [email protected] / +61402663443. Thank you.

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