Is there any way to automate a workflow for Labels

Georgia Harmon
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When an Organisation updates or changes a label, can the contacts in the Organisation also be updated to have the same label as an automation?

I cannot see how to make this automation work. Thanks

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Georgia Harmon 

    Unfortunately this is currently not possible in Pipedrive. You can set it up with Zapier however. Nonetheless, I'll pass this on to our team as a suggestion for improvements in the future, thanks for sharing!

  • Alex Stueber
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    Hey @Georgia Harmon 

    What about using the "update Deal" as a trigger, I know its not the best solution but as @Mike van der Valk mention we cant trigger via Org & Person yet.

    However, if you have a Custom Field Called (New Tag for ORG & People) For this exercise, You can set this to be the trigger. 

    Then you can update the labels on both, Org and People. 
    Keep in mind it will only work for the companies and People that have a deal attached to it, as it is the "Update Deal" the main trigger.


    Well, I couldn't think of anything else at the moment!

    Best of luck and

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