📆 Appointments on auto-pilot for real estate!

Hi Pipedrivers,

We have built an extension to use from inside Pipedrive to let you save a lot of communication time for real estate appointments and let you collect lead information.

⚡️ Create calendars for sales, rental, new-build projects out of Pipedrive when you publish a property.

📆  Collecting appointments from properties straight from your website and add them to a specific deal into Pipedrive on auto-pilot.

✉️  Collect the lead info and connect to ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp to follow-up with your appointments in the future.



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    Hi @Dominique Hoogsteder 

    Thanks for sharing! Should have mentioned to please not use "what's new" and "what's planned" tags, these are for the Pipedrive team to share new updates :)