Bug Report: Unicode handling error in Team Name Addition

Ted Youn
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Summary: Adding a new team name doesn't work as expected in Pipedrive.

Steps to reproduce: 

  1. In Pipedrive app, go to  Settings > Manage Users > Teams to hit the button Add your first team for adding a new team.
  2. Then type a Korean word '파이프드라이브' or Spanish word 'El Niño' containing an Ñ.

What you expected to see: We expect to see the same word as '파이프드라이브' or 'El Niño'

What you saw instead: Due to a unicode handling error, we have broken texts such as 'ㅍㅏㅇㅣㅍㅡㄷㅡㄹㅏㅇㅣㅂㅡ'  or 'El Ni~no'.


Note to Pipedrive Developers:

This is a well-known issue about normalizing unicode letters. Interestingly, unicode letter handling works in the Team description field. You can apply its settings to Team name field as well.

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  • Vladimir Dubakin
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    @Ted Youn 

    Hey! Vladimir from Pipedrive management team is here:) 

    Thank you for pointing out the Unicode normalisation issue with team names.

    As, unfortunately, I lack the tech knowledge to fix it myself - will find the product manager and deliver the request for a fix to him/her!

    I also appreciate the fact that you provided a solution - this one will be shared as well.

    Hopefully the issue will be fixed soon (mainly depends on availability of Product manager and the developers).

    Thank you again,

    Kind regards,