Extended Trail period and Browser issues.

Andrew Leatherland
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14 day trials is really not enough for an organisation who is new to CRM in general and when the first attempt is in sales and partner enablement. So my question is how or can the trail be extended for a more reasonable time say 3 months to allow for the processes to completely follow through.

Also on my trail version I don't see the Talk to us I get contact us in either Chrome or MS Edge any suggestions?

Thanks Andy

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  • Vladimir Dubakin
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    Hey, Andrew!

    Vladimir from Pipedrive management is here to help you!

    The trial period of 2 weeks has been calculated as sufficient for most of the user to evaluate the features we have, but feel free to reach out to support.

    It is quite strange that you have not managed to find the button "contact us" - you can find instructions on how to find it here: https://support.pipedrive.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005875565-How-can-I-contact-Pipedrive-Support-

    Please, open Chrome browser in Incognito mode and see if the button "talk to us" is there.

    Please note that we also support Chrome and Firefox of latest versions: https://support.pipedrive.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000577109-Which-browser-is-best-for-Pipedrive-

    I cannot guarantee that any extension can be done, and, if that will be the case - we might be able to do extend by a week or two - but not whole 3month.

    Thank you for understanding and have a great day,

    Kind regards,


  • Andrew Leatherland
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    Hi Vladimir,

    This is what I see,


    As to a typical cycle for a partner enablement/sales process in my market place 2 to 3 months is not untypical so to see the complete view hence the request.


  • Brendan Pfahlert
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    If they are serious enough, two weeks is usually enough time for someone to test it out and decide that they will run a Proof of Concept for 3 months with some of their team. At this stage they can pay for those users for a few months, and then decide to do a bigger rollout in the future once the feedback from the PoC is in.