How to Support Your Customers Over the Holidays

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Keeping customers is as important as bringing new ones. And even if your company stops for a break during the Christmas and New Years Holidays, it is important to think about how to serve your customers who do not have this break. Below we have 3 basic steps that can help you with this. 

1.Segment existing customers to deliver the message.

Instead of creating a single email to send your customer base, the best would be segments in different groups so you have better targeting. It can be by size, interest, profile, etc. And with that you can send your end of year messages customised and according to their interests. 

For example, as a Pipedrive Account Manager, I have an email that I'll send to all my most frequent customers, saying that we'll get back to work together in January. And another template is going to be sent to customers where the contact is made less often saying I'm excited to work with them next year. This is a small example, with a subtle change, but that can make a difference in the impact of the message. 

2.Bring your brand to the message and Share resources

Bring the value of the company to your message. If your company is more formal, create formal messages. If your company communicates in a funny way, try to add something funny to your out-of-office message. Automatic messages are annoying, but necessary. Try to leave them with the identity of your business. 

Also, let the customers know where they can get the answers for their needs at this time when you will be away. This can be the knowledge page, your company's community, or even your main webpage. But always remember to finish the message with this direction. 

3.Give notice on your website - Chatbot can help you with that. 

Leadbooster - Change your Bot message to inform customers that you will be away for a few days, but will return in the first week of January to help them. But don't forget to pick up customer information before that.

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