Prospects ignoring questions in chatbot, posting question when asked for name.

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We are running the latest version of the Pipedrive Chatbot on our website in order to generate leads. Works like a charm and we generate leads in abundance. Very happy about that. 

But now and then we have users that refuse to follow the playbook, leaving to lost leads because we never get to their contact data. Here's the dialog:

Bot: Hi 🙂, my name is Grace. I am Dr. Kelly's digital assistant! Nice that you visiting us today 🙂. Is there anything I can help you with?

User selection: I would like to speak to Dr. Kelly.

Bot: All right, just a moment, please. May I offer you a consultation with Kelly so that she can answer your questions?

User selection: Yes, I have more questions for her.

Bot: Great 🙂! Let’s briefly introduce each other, so I can inform Dr. Kelly. Could you please give me your first and last name?

We now ask them for their name and phone number. Instead of people using the field to provide said name and phone, they start filling their questions in the empty field. Result: At the end of the playbook we remain with their question in the fields where we suppose to have their name and phone. No way to get back to them. 

Question: Does anyone had similar experiences? Any remedy? Is there a way to check that a phone number is entered in the respective field? We're quite puzzled learning that users somewhat ignore the dialog! 

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  • Saša Batovanja
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    Hi @Wolfgang Maier, we're glad that our Chatbot is working well for you and bringing you more leads every day :)

    Regarding your question, we understand your struggle with your potential customers not using the Chatbot according to your expectations.

    There are a few best practices that should be followed to make sure that you always get the most out of our Chatbot:

    1. Set the expectations as clear as possible  - You should always make sure that your potential customers understand if they are talking to chatbot or a human (if you're using our Live Chat feature as well). This will make sure they understand more clearly how things work and increase the chance they use it correctly
    2. Keep it as simple as possible - Try to always make sure that the Chatbot flow is not overly complicated, to increase the amount of potential customers completing, thus lowering the churn and increasing the overall conversion rate. The complexity is usually different per each customer profile, which leads to the next point...
    3. Know your potential customers - Make sure that you understand the profile of your potential customers. Each customer is different, have different habits and expectations related to you business. Just by simply talking with your customers will help you understand where are the gaps in how they perceive Chatbot in the context of your business and give you some clues for adjustments.

    Hope these tips will help you get even more qualified leads for your business :)

    Best regards,

    Saša Batovanja