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I am required to report to the MD on a weekly basis and the content of the reports needs to include the following:
1. Contract
2. Organisation
3. Notes (Comment from client contact in detail)
4. Next course of action
5. Due Date

I had some help from the tech guys and I have been able to generate a report using "Activities Performance" which contains all of the above except for -
3. Notes (Comment from client contact in detail)

Ideally we would have the option to take any information which is entered in to the yellow notes box in the CRM and pull in to the report.  This would save me having to report manually. Often the notes are quite detailed I'd rather just send a link from CRM rather than generate my own report in excel when 80% of the information is already there.

Hopefully something can be done and I look forward to hearing from somebody soon.

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    Hi @Alex , thank you for your input!

    We are adding more improvements to Insights and although I can't promise anything at the moment, I've made sure to forward your suggestion to our team so they can take it into consideration in future developments.

    Speaking of which, here’s how to stay on top of what’s coming down the line: