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I've seen similar posts requesting for that ability to add multiple users to an activity but no useful responses to the issue. Is the only current workaround to add other users within Pipedrive as contacts so they can be invited as "guests" to an activity?


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  • Vladimir Dubakin
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    Hey, Jared!

    hope you are having a wonderful day and thank you for the post as well!

    You are right - at the moment there is no system in Pipedrive that allows linking one activity to two users (I will share your feedback with the product manager, however).

    And the only way tp include your colleagues will be to add them as guests - which is not a bad way, because your colleague will still have it in both calendar and Pipedrive.

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  • Jared Miller
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    Thanks for the response Vladimir. I hope that Pipedrive can find a way to work with the programmers to offer this feature in the near future. Major oversight to not be able to do this.

  • Mike Chevalier
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    Completely agree with Jared.  I would think it would be built in to be able to assign an activity to multiple users.  Team/staff meetings, joint meetings, even tasks that you are working on together.    Even if we could assign the task to a "team" that would be better than nothing.  That way we could at least create a few teams that could be assigned to the same meeting or tasks.

  • Nicole Downard
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    I would like to agree with the above! I have multiple team members using Pipedrive that attend the same meetings etc but logging the activities are doubled up or non existent making details inaccurate. Please let us know if this feature will be available any time soon? 



  • I would like to bump this back onto the development team's radar. If tasks could be assigned to Teams that would be a game changer for us.

  • PPBK
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    agreed, should have already been included

  • Matt_29795
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    PLEEEEAAASE implement this! :)