I clicked on the WON button and I get sports imagery?

 I train women to use CRM tools like Pipedrive and when we train on the WON button it's a total bummer when we see some dude making a basket. 

Could there be more neutral celebration imagery like confetti or many a unicorn here or there? Or better yet - have the user decide the TYPE of imagery they see when they click on WON (oh fun!) 

I have women loving your CRM with the beautiful graphs but dreading when they click on the WON button. This might be a valuable addition and bring in more women to your product. Thank you for reading this suggestion! 

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  • James Withers
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    I don't know the sex or gender of the character making a basket: they could be nonbinary, or at the very least not cisgender. 

    It is not they/them that I agree should be removed: instead I think it is a great idea to have "WON" screens be something an administrator can control.

    Maybe show a motivational quote instead? Or a funny meme or GIF? Or maybe even just a sincere appreciation/thanks?

    It could even show how that user has contributed, like a mini-dashboard? Or how they compare to other Pipedrive users? 

    What do you think?



  • Geoffrey_18787
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    I join James on the fact that It could be very funny and useful to choose the GIF, animated image etc

    Possible you think ?



  • Ruoall Chapman
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    That is absolutely ridiculous. What lunacy has befallen this world with all this gender-neutral, feministic crap?! 

    It's an animation of celebration. Since we're on the topic of gender, the "dude" dunking a ball could well be a "chick" with short hair.

    What's next? 

    The animation's hair too black because you only train blonde people? 
    The 8 Ball too black and goes against your BLM supporter's club?

    Do you hear men complain about the rocket "lady" being a woman? "How dare the animators make it a woman and not a man!?!!!?!"

    Geez, grow up.