Tracking Upsell busines VS New Business

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I'm looking for help on how to track Upsell vs New Business growth. First questions is how to log this in pipedrive effectively?

Second questions is how do I create reports for this?

 For example I want to see how much our business has grown from new business customers and how much it has grown from upsell business?  Both value and percentage. 

For example we have customer X paying 100USD for 1 year subscription they then add another 50USD of services after 6 months, what is the best way to log this in Pipedrive?



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  • Brad Krause_13404
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    Likely, I would create a field in the deal details named 'Deal Type'. It would have just two options: NEW or UPSELL. This would be visible in the new deal dialogue as well. Obviously any deal beyond the original won deal you will choose UPSELL when creating those additional deals. Then you could always periodically audit it to make sure you are not getting multiple NEW deals for the same organisation or person by simply creating a filter or report that shows won deals by organization; then add a column in the results to include the 'Deal Type' You should see only one NEW deal type per organization. 


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    That's a good recommendation Brad! 


    Thanks and happy new year!

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    That's a good recommendation Brad! 


    Thanks and happy new year!

    This is interesting and relevant for our business as well. Tracking NEW BUSINESS (we call it Business Development from ZERO to ONE) vs KEY ACCOUNTS (upselling from ONE to 100). Would be an option to create two separate pipelines: one for the new business and one for the key accounts?