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Periodically i export all my deals of Pipedrive to audit with my Salesforce database, while salesforce exports the date as Day-Month-Year format, Pipedrive only exports as american format, forcing me everytime to create formulas to convert the date format. 

Is there any option I've missed to choose a date format on XLS export of Pipedrive data?


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    The export always comes out the same - you would need to manipulate it

  • Joanne Clayton
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    Has anyone found a quick excel formula solution for this? I've got a solution but it's quite longwinded for reports that have to be regularly updated.

  • Tobias Stahel_86253

    it would be great to be able to use the data in excel (dates recognized as dates) since the built in reporting functionalities are not very use ful: no comparison between time periods (e.g. amounts of sales 2021 vs. 2022 vs. current year, on monthly bases).

    unless i missed this completely