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It would be great to be able to delete activity types not just disable them OR, even better, to be able to change their API Name. 

When connecting to Pipedrive to create new activities through Integromat, both enabled and disabled activity types are listed and can be choosen. In my case, I created twice the same type by mistake and now I have both entries in Integromat. I don't want to use the "first" one by changing its name because it's API Name is not modifiable and does not suit my needs.



Small tip on creating internal "API names" for activity types (useful when using Integromat for instance):

  • Create and validate a new activity type using your API name, eg: "wfrmContact"
  • Modify the name of the created activity type, eg: "Web form: contact". The API Name won't change and can be used as such in Integromat (or other integration projects, I guess) instead of the modified Long Name. Having different web forms in my organisation, it helps to have  a naming policy.
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    Hi @Guillaume thanks for sharing. I'll pass that on to our team! In the meantime perhaps Integromat can hide deactivated ones as well?