Lead source connection with UTM code

Søren Pommer
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Hi! does anyone know a good approach for connecting the UTM code of a web visitor to the lead source in Pipedrive? We would like to be able to see which campaign that drives the most leads. If this is possible in some way, then we can know which visitors that are most likely to convert to sales. Thanks! 



  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Søren Pommer 

    Unfortunately not directly. If you use the Web visitors feature you can create a filter based on URL (if the UTM tag is there) or Source/medium to get an overview of traffic from different campaigns

  • Joshua Curtis
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    Dang, I wish you had this ability as well. I really need to track campaign source or I have to consider migrating to a new CRM.

  • Sergey Zuev
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    You can do this using our Pipedrive integration -- GA Connector.

    It tracks UTM parameters and other web visitor information.

    And then imports it into Pipedrive leads and deals:

  • Aaron Beashel_64293
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    Hey Soren

    I had this same problem and I ended up writing this blog post which outlines how to do it: https://attributer.io/blog/the-easiest-way-to-get-utm-paremeters-into-pipedrive

    Hope that helps!



  • We seriously need this to be prioritised. Leads should have sources. Hubspot, Zoho and Salesforce have this feature.

  • Søren Pommer
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    Am currently running two types of sources - the standard from pipedrive that is not very informative and our own created via custom fields.. This is rather confusing for our team.