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With the old version of Pipedrive you were able to see the number of calls and time you've spend on outgoing calls.

Now, when you also make activities with the call icon, you can't see this anymore.
I often plan a activitiy with the calling icon, but dont call anyone. 

Because the numbers in Insights are based on the activity, and not on the number of calls, we cant trace how many calls we made and what the revenue is based on the outgoing calls.

I would love to see this feature back in Pipedrive.




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    Hi @Tariq Loois 

    I double checked with the team and it looks like you're right :( 
    Currently we can't differentiate in the report on the activity type that were put down there manually and those created through the caller feature.

    I did speak with the team and we plan to add the ability to create separate reports for this in the future. Sorry for the hassle in the meantime :(