Smart Sales Tactics Unchanged by the Times

Chris Shipley
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Thanks to all who joined us for the Sales and Marketing Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic webinar. In these challenging times, this community comes together in amazing ways to support each other.

My main take away from today's session is this: now is the time to reach out to customers with empathy and precision. . . .  and that's just good sales technique no matter what the selling environment. As companies consider whether and how to redeploy their sales teams, perhaps the best option is to deploy them on the front lines of customer engagement.


  • Christopher Daly
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    Empathy is important but I think what is really needed for successful selling is showing a customer their way back - how do your products and services enable them to recover and grow again, rehire and hire again, and get back to work.  Americans are NOTORIOUS for not taking vacations, in fact most Americans take less than 10 days off a year.  Now most Americans have been quarantined at home for 30 days and while still working, the pace is slower as uncertainty gives way to clarity.  People are going to be refreshed and ready to go - your sales approach should be showing them how to get there.