My feedback on Sales Docs

I applaud you for adding Sales Docs to the platform. It's a very welcome addition and I expect to make heavy use of it. I've been pining away for a Pipedrive-friendly replacement for Hellosign/Docusign and those features from a platform like Proposify that I've been looking for.

There are 2 features I believe would add significant value, at least from my perspective.

  1. The ability for designated signers to fill out certain fields in-line in the doc before they sign. For instance, if the contract line also asks the signer to enter the official business name and address (which may differ from what we gathered as a lead or organization), you'd want the signer to provide that official and correct information.
  2. The ability for variables in the doc to insert blocks of text or information based on the values in a person or organization. Right now, we'll have to keep dozens of templates, each with slight variations on pricing and terms based on certain factors about their organization (if they are a non-profit, if they are US-based, what type of customer they are as indicated in a custom field on the organization, the term length). Our agreements and proposals change throughout the year--so having so many different templates means each individual change has to be done over and over again on each template.

Regarding #2, using Products shows some potential, but the restrictions on the product grid don't allow for the kind of pricing, discounts, and open text that many companies would require in their agreements.

I'll close with one more bizarre, "it's probably just me" request; but since you have web forms, it might actually be straightforward to do. I would really love the ability to combine sales docs and web forms so a self-sign-up is easy to do. The way I personally imagine this: There is the ability to add a checkbox and a link to a sales doc in a web form--the text by the checkbox would say "I agree to the terms & conditions blah blah blah". It's not as ironclad as a signature, but it's the most frictionless way to get a signup. Bonus points for also allowing checkboxes that the signer-upper can check off to opt-in to one or more products. Man, that would be cool.


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    Hi @Jeremy Wine and thank you for such constructive and detailed feedback! Your examples were very clear and this really helps us think about how we can make Sales Docs better.

    I can tell you that improvements are planned for Products across the board in 2021, so that will very likely also impact Sales Docs positively. As for your other suggestions, currently we have no immediate plans for them but I've made sure they reached our team internally so they can take them into consideration in future developments. Here’s how to stay on top of what’s coming down the line:

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    Id like to +1 the editable fields.