Revenue panel in deal view

I have tried the revenue panel - I kinda like it - but it does not serve the purpose for us - and maybe for others as well - so I decided to share some thoughts.

Why we use revenue info in pipedrive anyway?

  • Firstly, for forecasting - we need to know, what the cashflow will be.
  • To get quick and transparent overview, what company have purchased and currently subscribed.

What are the issues with revenue panel? It is located and related to deal.

Deals are good for pushing and storing information while trying to win the deal. However, once the deal is won, I do not care about the deal anymore and I want to see higher overview. So why should I put revenue to the deal which is already closed? 

Here are some issues with that:

  • transparency - when I open organisation view, I cannot see any details about subscriptions that company have - I have to go directly to deal view
  • deal is not one subs - we hardly close the deal, which represents final subs so we can put revenue on that - there are upsell, renewals etc., which goes in separate deals - however it is always under the same licence contract - then it is hard to alocate revenues to specific deal

I think it is a great thing, if you have scheme - deal=user=subs - but I assume, this is mostly not the case. Usually deals are a way, how to push some parts to a licence contract. You use it as an organisational space in order to effectively close the deal. However, after that, you need much higher overview - high level, on the level of your clients=companies. You do not want to go and dig into already closed deals.

I believe, that having the ability to specify revenue panel in organisation view is the way, how companies normally work and how transparently organise things after closing the deal. So I have a suggestion to have the ability to create multiple revenue schemes for different contacts there and have it independently from the deal view.


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    Hi @Martin Pecha , thank you for such a clear feedback and description of your use cases.

    Currently there are no direct plans for the changes you mentioned to Recurring Revenue but the team noted down your suggestions for when they'll work on updates again. It's the end of the year and a lot of exciting news are planned for 2021. Here’s how to stay on top of what’s coming down the line: