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You should stop charging clients $39/month for the "LeadBooster Add-on" when they are only utilizing 1 piece of the add-on in a 1-time scenario. 

If I plan to use a single Web Form, one time, and NOTHING ELSE - I have to pay $39/month for the whole add-on???

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  • Inês Batata
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    Thank you for your feedback @Lowry Akers , we appreciate your input. 

    We always try to create "feature bundles" and price them in a way that our users can make the most benefit from them according to the research we make but we do understand that unfortunately there are some situations where that is not the case. I understand your frustration and can see you've spoken to my colleague Paulo from Support too. 

    I’ll discuss your comments with our team and share your concerns. Thank you for your understanding.