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I decided to try Mailigen and its deep integration with Pipedrive to send our company's end of year greetings.  What I expected to be a fairly easy process ended up to be more challenging. I ended up spending quite a lot of time with their chat support agents who were very "supportive".  They only work European hours, so I had to adapt my EST schedule to theirs.  We segment all our lists in Pipedrive.  It appears that due to technical constraints, there can only be one Mailigen list synched to Pipedrive at a time.  The suggestion is to synch all Pipedrive records to Mailigen and then segment in Mailigen.  This seems to me to be a duplication of effort and I presume a CRM like Pipedrive is better suited at segmentation.  The suggestion is that it would be great to have multiple lists in Mailigen synched to Pipedrive at the same time. I have copied my chat support thread below for reference.


is it a technical decision to sync only with one list in mailigen or a business decision. I do most of my segmentation in Pipedrive but now it seems I will have to do it in mailigen.


It is a technical one, however when we update the syncing we want to be able to sync everything with no limitations


Good to know.


Let me know if I can assist you with anything in the meantime :)


I am thinking the work around would be to delete the bot and recreate it with the list to which we are sending a campaign.  Once the campaign is over and the list is synched, we can move the bot to another list.


In this case it is. A different workaround would be to create a specific field in Pipedrive to differentiate the contacts. Then select the syncbot to sync all contacts and create different segments in Mailigen that would depend on that custom field. 

And instead of using lists to send campaigns you would use segments 


Yes, I agree. I have to think it out. Then we are segmenting on both sides and we also have to keep a master tag on Pipedrive for all contacts which need to be synched to mailigen because for us we have a lot of contacts on Pipdrive who will never be in a campaign. For those companies where they can synch their whole pipedrive to mailigen, that would be the most elegant solution.




I think ideally we should have multiple bots one to each list in mailigen. Hopefully this technical issue can be resolved. Keeping segments in mailigen or any other email marketing aoo is good for companies that do not have/use an app like pipedrive and they would use mailigen for segmentation. That's my opinion.    

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    Hi @Michael Y , thank you for your honest and constructive feedback! This truly helps us make Mailigen and Pipedrive better.

    You make a lot of valid points and I can tell you that 2021 is lined up to be a very promising year in terms of improvements we want to bring into the way Pipedrive and Mailigen talk to each other and work seamlessly, giving you the smoothest and most intuitive experience possible. 

    We understand your frustrations, appreciate your input and I've made sure we use it to give our teams thinking points to be considered in the future.

    Speaking of which, here’s how to stay on top of what’s coming down the line:

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    @Michael Y just to be clear, while the Syncbot allows you to connect one Mailigen list with Pipedrive, you can synchronize unlimited number of Pipedrive filters to this one list. The list will contain "Syncbot filter" field with the name of the filters that the contact is part of when kept in sync. Instead of syncing everything, you can choose which filter you want to keep in sync. 
    Then all you have to do is create a segment on Mailigen side where the only criteria is "Syncbot filter" contains "filter name you need".

    Creating a new Mailigen list takes as much time as creating a segment based on a filter. Lists on Mailigen are like separate databases, having one email in two lists is counted as two emails and email opens, clicks, unsubscribes will be stored for only one of those emails.

    I strongly advise to keep Syncbot with one list.

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    Mailigen is closing down

    These past 12 years have been an amazing ride, for which I’m incredibly grateful. I started Mailigen with a vision to offer streamlined, no-fuss marketing automation software to businesses that increasingly relied on communication to reach new audiences.

    Following our merger of Mailigen with Pipedrive, established thanks to a shared vision, we started working on a native email marketing solution, Campaigns by Pipedrive. Our goal is to bring sales and marketing teams together under one roof for aligned business communication and improved revenue potential.

    It is now time for our team to focus on this new solution, which we believe our customers will find incredibly helpful.

    You can sign up for the Campaigns waitlist here. 

    As Campaigns is sharing the same data that you already have in Pipedrive, there is no need for syncing and the platform will be much easier to use going forward.