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I am looking for a prequalification solution or integration via Zapier with Pipedrive for our law firm.  

A third party "call service" takes the name, email, and phone, along with legal issue of potential new clients through a PipeDrive form, which creates a new deal.  After a prospect is inputted by the call service, the caller is warm transferred to an attorney who qualifies them as a potential client, refers out, or turns them down.  PipeDrive allows us to easily manage a prospect until the prospect becomes a client or is turned down, including during that initial call in which we take notes in PipeDrive.  

The issue we have is that only about 5% of calls turn into clients and about 50% of calls are referred out to other attorneys, with the remaining 45% resulting in advice and nothing further.   We like inputting everyone into Pipedrive because of data tracking, and because the email capture (via MailChimp) ensures marketing over a period of time for other legal issues.  However, the time spent by attorneys on the qualification process is considerable.

We are looking for a solution to prequalify callers and route them appropriately without an attorney's involvement, and use PipeDrive for the qualified callers.  Our thought is to have a dedicated employee who takes all the new client calls for the purpose of qualifying them, forwarding just the prequalified calls to an attorney (keeping our call service for the initial name/phone/email intake).  We have a series of questions that this person could ask that would either push the prospect to a referral, pass, or to an attorney at our firm to talk to.  (Think of an automated decision tree.)

We would like the prequalification questions to be part of a software solution so that responses can be tracked and data analyzed.  This software could be the first stop of a caller before being pushed into Pipedrive as a qualified prospect.  If we had this kind of prequalification process, it would dramatically cut down on time that attorneys spend directly answering questions or providing referrals.  

I like using PipeDrive because it logs every call and allows additional processing before the prospect becomes a client.  However, we need a more efficient system to weed through the calls and are looking for suggestions.  Any ideas?


  • Brad Krause_13404
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    The chatbot feature can be used to ask questions and qualify them based on a decision tree you create. 

  • Brad Krause_13404
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    After configuring your pipedrive chatbot at your law firm website with the prequalification questions have your dedicated qualification employee use that when speaking to prospective clients on the phone as if it was the person seeking legal services themself. That employee doing the qualification can go to your website and enter the details in chatbot as they are talking to them on the phone. Then it can also be used to qualify people that find you at your website. 


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    Qualifying prospects is always a job for a human. This is a selling system issue not a tech issue. 

    You've identified the problem, and the solution - a specialised prospect qualifier. 


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    Hey Troy, 

    To scale Calling all prospects  may not be feasible especially with a lot not getting picked . You would probably need a combination of Emails & Calls.  

    How about sending a series of emails with qualifying questions to understand whether the prospect has a pressing problem currently of your solution? You can sequence them with slow build up of questions in a series of emails & calls based on prospect intent.

    You can try along with Pipedrive to automate this process. Klenty will automatically log the email engagements to Pipedrive. It also allows you send different email sequence depending on the stage of the Pipeline.