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Does anyone know if PipeDrive offers a way to do email drip campaigns for Closed Won customers? We are wanting our newly onboarded clients to receive automated emails to keep them engaged with our software. Thanks! 



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    With Workflow Automation you can send a one-off follow-up email.

    If you'd like to send a drip / sequence, there are many tools that offer this in the Pipedrive Marketplace.  With Outfunnel this would be super easy. Outfunnel works off of Pipedrive people filters, so you'd first need to create the segment with a filter (Deal pipeline = X, Deal status = won or lost) and then you could set up a sequence for each filter / segment in Outfunnel. Once done, if new people start matching the filter, they'll receive the relevant sequence.

    Other tools listed in the marketplace (Mailigen, Autopilot, etc) let you set up something similar.