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We have the requirement to pass the signature we capture on our website into our Pipedrive record created for a client. This is then used to mail merge a letter sent on the clients behalf + to verify the client. At present Pipedrive has no ability to accept a picture format (via Zapier). Is this in the pipeline? as we may need to look for another solution.....many thanks & great job on PipeDrive in general!

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    Hi @Nic , thank you for your kind words, it's always good to hear that :)

    In Zapier you might want to try using "file" instead of "image", as we do have an API endpoint for files, see here.

    I also suggest you pose this question in our Developers Community, where the members are more knowledgeable of working with Pipedrive "under the hood" using API and webhooks, and/or using a different integration platform than Zapier, look them up in our marketplace.

    Right now there are no concrete short term plans to make these improvements. Unfortunately with many customers and requests and with limited development resources we need to prioritise and make choices what to deliver first. However, we have made sure our team will consider your suggestion for future developments.