Recent amend to Pipedrive output renders the system unusable!

Returned after Xmas to find that Pipedrive engineers had changed the output format for each deal, crucially removing the Account number from the file. What a stupid thing to do. All the integration I have done to import orders automatically into our SAGE system has been ruined.  This has increased our workload by 100%. I have spoken to customer service over the last 24hrs only to be confirmed that there has been a change and that they would do nothing about it? This deems this software pretty pointless, may as well invest in a SAGE system or one which understands and appreciates its customers.

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    Hi @Head Office , I'm so sorry to hear about the negative impact this has had on your workflow.

    I see my colleague Patrícia from Support has sent you a video with a workaround solution, but I have still made sure your feedback was sent internally to our team so they take it into consideration. Thank you for sharing and for your patience, we're discussing internally what we can do better next time to avoid these situations.